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Make your spiral
notebook your own!

Tailor your notebook to you – instantly organise and find your notes with Clipmatic’s spiral notebook stickers.

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With Clipmatic™, your Classic (and somewhat boring) Notepad JUST GOT A MODERN UPGRADE!

We have redesigned stationery items to help you be more organized, creative and productive.

Our cool range of multi-purpose stickers will help transform your spiral notebook into an effective, portable workstation that you can carry with you anywhere!

image (6)
image (6)
Stationery with a Creative Spark.

Turbocharge your Productivity with Clipmatic™

Still using the same old Post-Its, sticky notes, and notepads to keep a track of your work?

Traditional Stationery is so 2010…The last time we checked it was 2022, which means it’s time for you to make a SWITCH!


Organise and add to your notebook with Clipmatic™ Stickers.

Organise and add to your notebook with Clipmatic™ Stickers.

Add, remove and rearrange pages in your notebook the way you want, whenever you want with our stickers.

They work for different types of spirals including 2 ring binders, and a single pack contains a generous bunch of 50 stickers!


What Customers Say

Our customers love our stickers! Don't just take our word for it (because of course we're a little bit biased...), read what our customers think below.

I ordered these for my scrapbook, they look really nice and I think the colours look good too! Not only do they look nice but they're made from a strong plastic(?) so they really hold the extra pages well! They also sent them in a good time, even though we are going through tougher times. Plus the packaging was good and everything came in perfect condition!

Bethan Whalley
Bethany Whalley

I like them a lot! The stickers are useful and will help to tidy the notes in my notebook. I am very messy and I always have separated notes, with the Clipmatic sticker I can have everything organised. It is also very convenient to keep important information when I change the notebook to a new one. Furthermore, the service is very nice and the design is very cool.

Clipmatic Reviews (1)
Antonio José Expósito Serrano

People are going crazy over our Clipmatic Stickers… Get more organised and give your notebook an upgrade!

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